The Charter For Children

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  • I read the first two books in The Charter For Children series last night, and I thought they were excellent. Nicely written, amusing, beautifully presented. I tried them out on my assistant this morning, and she loved them too!

    Peter Hogg, Leading Constitutional Scholar

  • Each book exists in its own right as a wonderful story to share in a classroom, but as a series, the six books would create an excellent unit in almost any division in elementary classrooms.

    Joseph Restoule General, Six Nations School

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  • Clever, quirky, humorous, informative. It is hard to beat that combination. Then add in the fact that you need this series, and these books go to the top of the 'Must Buy' list.

    Suzanne Pierson, a retired teacher-librarian

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14 Book Set

The Charter for Children (Set of 14)

Lare Jaw in Moose Jaw

A Large Jaw in Moose Jaw

The Right to Participate and be Included
Montreal Bagel

The Case of The Missing Montreal Bagel

The Right to Privacy and Security
Anne of Green Tomatoes

Anne of Green Tomatoes

The Right to be Safe and Secure
Northern Light

The Plight Beneath The Northern Light

The Right to Meet and Form Groups
A Young Lobster

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Lobster

The Right to Speak, Sing and Laugh
The Golden Hook

The Golden Hook

The Right to Believe and Have Faith
Emooly Murphy

In the Hoofsteps of Emooly Murphy

The Right for Boys and Girls to be Treated as Equals
Greyest Tale

The Greyest Tale on the Yukon Trail

To Right be Treated Fairly No Matter What Colour You Are
The First Flock

The First Flock

Certain Rights Based on Aboriginal Heritage
Little House

Little Courthouse on the Prairie

The Right to Play and Be Free
Alexander the Grape

Alexander The Grape

To Right to be Considered No Matter How Old You Are
Bario LeBlieux

Bario Leblieux

The Right to Be Taught in French or English

The Two Two-Eyed Potatoes

The Right to Choose a Best Friend
Parliament Hill

An Unusual Thrill on Parliament Hill

The Responsibility to Respect the Rights of Others


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About Dustin

Dustin Milligan is a native of the charming village of Tyne Valley, Prince Edward Island. He currently practices law in Toronto, Ontario.

The idea for The Charter for Children first emerged when Dustin was a student at the Faculty of Law at McGill University. He was concerned about the accessibility of information pertaining to our fundamental rights and freedoms. Over the course of six years he collaborated with a host of legal professionals from all different backgrounds in order to adapt the heavy language and lessons of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms into a child-friendly format.

Dustin Milligan

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